The Essential Bi-Colors

3 min read |01/19/2021

Precision, uniqueness and style, all in one pair.

The Essential Bi-Colors blue light now at Nooz

Since 2015 and the very first Nooz Original reading binocle, Nooz has developed an assertive style combining technicality, lightness and modernity, through its optical products.
Today, we are delighted to present our three new colors which make up the Essential Blue Light collection, which is now available with or without correction.
Available exclusively in your favorite shapes (Cruz and Dino), the Essential Bi-Colors are definitely unique

A new lease of life on the design and technical optics

What are the peculiarities that catch our eye while launching the Essentials Bi-Color?

  • Rigorous precision for a pure, precise and harmonious shading
  • A “feel-good” sense, which puts you in a good mood due to a play on colors. 
  • Several styles in keeping with your morphology, your personality...or simply your mood. 
  • Iconic features which have made other models of the Essential range a success: lightness, finesse and sturdiness, to support you efficiently in your daily life.

3 new colors for much more style

The spontaneous and unbeatable: Navy/Crystal
Crystal’s finesse and the intensity of Navy blue, combined in one frame and the perfect combination of two of your favorite colors for a pair which will make your days all the more pleasant.
Modernized classic:  Black/Crystal
The Black/Crystal Nooz soothe the strength of black. We have added a subtle touch with the Crystal, for glasses which combine two sober and elegant colors. Wear these on all occasions. 
The timeless re-designed: Brown/Bronze
Brown remains a visual classic. That's the reason why we wanted to surprise you by redesigning it: go with the flow with this timeless re-designed model.

The Essential Bi-Colors, protection against blue light, in a colorful and stylish way.

We have designed these Essential Bi-Colors, to make your everyday life colorful, pleasant and stylish. Of course, while protecting you from the harmful effects of screen’s blue light, which unfortunately often leads to headaches, visual fatigue and sleep disorders.
We are convinced that at Nooz we can combine the useful with the pleasant: protection and style, through simplicity and with a genuinely practical product.
One doesn’t exclude the other and on the contrary, the pleasant perfectly complements and enhances the useful. Or is it the other way around? Well, it’s up to you.

Precision, uniqueness and style, all in one pair.

Since January 19, our new Bi-Colors glasses have joined the Essentials range, to protect your eyes through comfort and style. Check these out now.

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