2020 in retrospect

2 min read |01/19/2021

We look back on these 365 days spent with you.

After a year a little bit crazy and fuzzy… It’s time to look forward and think about the good things ahead. But first, we look back on these 365 days spent with you.

In 2020

In 2015, Nooz was born from a simple observation: glasses (especially reading glasses) are often very fragile, they lack style, their case is often bulky and above all, you lose them too often.
In 2020, we celebrated our 5th anniversary. Five years at the service of your eyes and your good vision: to create the best optical products.
This year, 3 pairs stood out from the crowd and became your favorite: 
  • In the Original range, your favorite pair was the Rectangular Black.
  • For sunny days, your chosen one is the Cruz Black.
  • The Blue Light range arrived at the end of the year, and you have already chosen your favorite, the Cruz in Black.
In 2020 the color "Black" was your favorite, a classic and a sure value that can be found in all of our ranges. It was closely followed by the "Crystal" and "Tortoise" colors.

2020 in figures

2020 is also this:
  • A community that is growing: 46 000 new supporters of Nooz 

  • Your satisfaction, our goal: 5457, 5 star reviews 
  • You are always more curious: 20 000 followers on Facebook and Instagram
  • We love chatting with you: 20 000 messages exchanged with our customer service
  • We still believe in local businesses: Nooz is present in more than 2000 points of sale
2020 has been punctuated by the arrival of new ranges, to simplify your daily life even more. 
  • On June 2nd, we launched our Nooz Sun range, available in 2 shapes, 6 colors and in a reading version.
  • On October 19th you discovered our Nooz Blue Light. This range was born from the desire to protect your eyes from the screens you are looking at for over 2000 hours a year. 
  • To make it easier for you, to find the right gift for the right person, we launched three different sets in November. Following your request, we have decided to keep them throughout the year. 

What’s next?

The best is yet to come. This year, we have a lot of surprises in store for you!
 Thank you for sharing 2020 with us.

Nooz Optics

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