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2 min read |02/03/2021

Check out our Nooz Corner in Toulouse (France)

Marquette: the new concept store for web brands

Marquette is a new store which brings together almost 300m2, 10 young French brands which saw the light of the day, on the web. The aim? Make you come across the French gems which are mainly present online.
All this in a pop and retro universe. A Web generation experience which we discover right at entering the store through its pop colors, a decor that is both retro and modern and even a selfie corner, to immortalize your visit to the store.

Nooz Optics at Marquette 

This collaborative retail concept genuinely appealed to us because it allows us to offer the Nooz range in an inspiring and warm place.
Moreover, this collaborative retail solution makes it possible to trigger a future retail strategy for Nooz. 
“Marquette is like a laboratory for us, which allows us to test out our concept before displaying it in retail, while taking advantage of a very positive digital communication dynamic between pretty brands and the concept store” Alex Doolaeghe.

Let’s meet up at Marquette !

Visit us at Marquette and post your best shots in this atypical setting on your networks! We will be delighted to share it on our page!
Hurry up! Nooz Optics is in Marquette until March 2021 at the Labège 2 shopping center in Toulouse Open every day from Monday to Saturday from 9:30 am to 8 pm and Sunday from 10 am to 7 pm.
📍700 La Pyréneenne 31670 Labège ☎︎ (+33) 5 61 29 81 27

Nooz Optics

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