An easy Christmas

3 min read |12/03/2020

We felt like making you spend a peaceful Christmas.

At Nooz, we love the idea of offering perfect presents. Gifts that you can take everywhere with you, which are genuinely useful and last for a long time. We also like helping you find these and at the best prices. We may have gotten used to this every year, but Christmas is often a last-minute challenge. 
This year, we felt like making you spend a peaceful Christmas. We have just finished working on the gift packs, at great prices, which you can directly put under the Christmas tree. Ideal to equip the entire family. The gift voucher for the right person, how does that sound? So, follow the guide. 

The Original Nooz Pack 

Three pairs of Original Nooz for the price of two. A pack made for presbyters and book worms. The idea? A pair per read spot. All you need to do is choose among our frames. The Original Nooz are super thin and light glasses, designed without any bows. They are so small that they can slip into almost every pocket, at times directly fixed on a smartphone or attached to a key chain. 

The Essential Nooz Pack

Three pairs of Essential Nooz at the price of two. The ideal pack to equip the entire family, whether they like reading, wearing sunglasses, watching screens or all three of them. We couldn’t make things simpler, all you need to do is choose, depending on the needs of each person. Our Essentials are reading glasses, made to follow you everywhere, as the frames are super light and are only 14mm thick. Including the case. 

The Essential-Original Nooz Pack 

Two pairs of Nooz Original and one pair of Nooz Essential, three pairs of additional reading and at the best price. One for the home, one for the office and the last one, to take along during all these adventures.
The starter-pack which is ideal for perfectly equipped presbyters. All you need to do is, choose the model and the frame, and it’s a done deal. 

The Nooz gift voucher

If you didn’t have much time or feel inspired, you should know that you can still explore the gift voucher option. A classic you can slip directly among the packets. It’s available immediately and is definitely the best way to avoid getting all tangled up. All you need to do is choose the amount for the gift voucher, wait for our email with the gift voucher along with all the info, print it and then find a beautiful envelop. 
Flexibility at the best price, we couldn’t find better for these Christmas packs. 
Icing on the cake, we can also help you rustle up the most beautiful packets, by offering you an illustrated gift envelope, which is perfectly cut-out. It is in cardboard, without any creases or protruding scotch bits, it is offered with all the orders on our websites. All you need to do is ask for it while confirming your basket and put it right under your Christmas tree. We can’t wait for this, how about you? 

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