Christmas: The team’s pick

3 min read |12/15/2020

Here are a few tips, to help you choose the perfect present.

While looking for the perfect Christmas gift, all it takes is a little click to find the right idea but even so, is it the right present for the right person? The best way to make sure is to be attentive and draw inspiration from those who are good at this.
To help you save time, we asked a few members of our team to share the Nooz pairs they are thinking of offering their loved ones for Christmas and why. 

The Original Nooz set

"I’ll be opting for the set with the three Original pairs for my parents. This is an iconic product at Nooz, as it’s our first creation. Since five years now, it has been helping millions of presbyters and I know that this pack will be very useful to them". - Alex, Head of Marketing.
"I plan on giving my aunt a winning trio of glasses! She loves to read, I'm sure three Originals won't be too many, to relish her favorite novels." - Matis, Web Development intern

The Nooz Essential Set

"The Cruz Light Blue sunglasses for my brother, his blue eyes are just like the frame and he's quite sensitive to light, and the Cruz Quartz for his wife. This way everyone is happy. And I will be finally taking advantage of this pack, by offering the Cruz Tortoise reading sunglasses to my dad, that will prevent him from overlapping his reading glasses and sunglasses." - Aurore, supply chain manager
"Blue Lights for my sister who works remotely every day and she loves spending her free time re-watching the same series on Netflix. A pair of Reading sunglasses for my dad and Reading glasses for my mom, who always looks for her glasses, several times a day."- Laury, Communication officer

The Essential - Original set

"My mom will be thrilled to see a magnificent pair of Original Nooz Smartphone under the tree, to put on her new phone. By choosing the Essential-Original Set, I am sure about giving her three-fold happiness!"  - Claire, customer relationship project manager

Anti-blue light glasses

"The anti-blue light glasses are an accomplishment of our new Essential range, which animated 2020 at Nooz. I am really proud of these and I want to see these under each tree this year!". - Antoine, head of technology
"I plan on giving anti-blue light glasses to my father, who works remotely too, on a daily basis. After an entire day of sitting behind screens, his eyes are tired and he gets migraines, I hope the glasses will help his sight". - Alessandra, customer service
We have worked on each of our packs and products to meet the greatest number of requirements. If you look properly, you will find something you like. Here are some tips to help you. 
Want to play it safe? Choose the Original pack. Require flexibility? Then head towards the Essential pack, or the Essential-Original pack. A specific requirement? Our models suit all uses: anti-blue light, solar, reading...with corrective lenses or not. We have come up with all the gifts you need, the rest is up to you.

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