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1 min read |08/24/2020

It's time to make you shine

The Project?
Nooz Portraits is your story. It's the idea of letting everyone speak, to talk about their daily life with Nooz, in their passion or profession.
Tell us about it
How does it work?
  1. The questionnaire: Register via our questionnaire. A profile will be selected each month.
  2. Your interview: You share your story with us. We will put it into images with a photo/video shoot and a mini-interview.
  3. Your reward: To thank you for sharing this moment with us, receive an Amazon voucher of 200 euros and surprises on the day.
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For whom?
Open to everyone, all passions, professions and ages! The only condition: to be available for half a day in the Ile-de-France region or Brussels.

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