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Nooz Original

Minimalist, practical and fully nomadic, our armless reading glasses follow you everywhere, at all times.

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Nooz Essential

Thinness, comfort and lightness on a daily basis. All this in just a 14mm-thick design, case included.

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Really practical

Nooz cases are rigid enough to perfectly protect your glasses, but also compact enough to fit anywhere effortlessly - in your pocket, a purse or even attached to your smartphone. Always at hand, never forgotten anywhere, they remain close to your eyes, and close to your heart.

High quality

Tired of brittle glasses? The Nooz are made of high-quality, ultra-resistant materials, and are screwless for an optimal and break-proof design. So long lasting in fact, you can trust them with your eyes closed!

Clever design

We've seen all sorts of glasses - and we didn't like everything... At Nooz, we decided to simplify the design and focus on a handful of essential and elegant shapes and colours. The result? Some irresistible styles, invented in Paris and designed for everyone. As they say, less is more.-



Nooz Smartphone

Nooz Concept

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What our 300,000 consumers are saying

MINIMUM clutter
Very practical to take on hikes with their protective case and very lightweight frame; opt for the orange hue to find them instantly in your bag...

Patrick H.

Perfect for the restaurant
The case is only about 8mm thick. I can grab it and put my glasses on in a few seconds to look at a menu in a restaurant or read messages on my phone.

Sophie H.

Reading in bed!
I like the fact that there are no arms. I can read lying on my side and fall asleep wearing them.

Alex D.

Let's go!
These glasses have proven to be great for both travel and home use. Their features have truly exceeded my expectations!

Johan S.

Best purchase of the year so far!
Perfect for people who need reading glasses. Compact and lightweight.

Tom. H

Efficient and portable solution
As I've broken my nose four times, it is quite sensitive. So I was surprised to see that these glasses remain in place without being painful.

Joy H.

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