Your reading glasses always at hand

Your reading glasses always at hand

Your reading glasses

Elegant, light and easy to carry along,
they follow you everywhere, at all times.

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Limited Edition


The first glasses that are impossible to forget

They fit in your pocket. They hang on your keyring. They rest in your bag and are so light you almost forget about them. But in reality, they're always near you.


A jewel for your eyes

Behind the apparent simplicity, the Nooz is carefully designed. Discover all its perks.

The Nooz reading glasses concept
A hole for a cord or a keychain
Elastic, antislip, hypoallergenic support
Excellent elasticity at the bridge for perfect fit
High performance polycarbonate mounting
Rigid, ultra-compact case with soft touch surface
Protects glasses from any contact

MGlasses dimensions
110 x 40 x 5 mm

A concentrate
of technology

• Skid-proof and hypoallergenic elastomer mount

• Weight of the glasses: 6g

• Size of the glasses: 110 x 40 x 5 mm

• Ultra-flexible frame made of polycarbonate

• Robust case with Soft Touch coating

• Certified to European norms (CE)


Less bulky for more comfort.

Nothing on your ears, nothing in your hair, only 6 grams on your nose. An optimal comfort is ensured thanks to the absence of arms and the supple nosepiece (hypo-allergenic)


Test your eyesight

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