In your bag

In your pocket

With your keys

Nooz Reading Glasses

Armless, handy and nomads
  • done Without arms
  • done Perfect fit
  • done Compact case - Always at hand
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Nooz Reading Glasses

Armless, handy and nomadic
  • done Without arms
  • done Perfect fit
  • done Compact case - Always at hand
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Les lunettes de lecture Nooz

Pratiques et Nomades

Trendy and colourful

Oval, rectangular, or from the limited editions
find the Nooz that suits you best.

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Never forget your reading glasses again

Slip them in your pocket or bag, hook them to your keychain or wear them around your neck. They’ll be there when you need them.

Around your neck

In your pocket

In your bag

On your keychain


Less bulky for more comfort.

Nothing on your ears, nothing in your hair, only 6 grams on your nose.
An optimal comfort is ensured thanks to the absence of arms and the supple nosepiece (hypo-allergenic).

How do they work?

The nooz concept is very simple, 2 moves and the Nooz fits perfectly

Simple to use

Thanks to its flexibility,
the Nooz adapts optimally to your nose.

Optimum comfort

Only 6 grams, flexible nose
support for incomparable comfort

Protective case

Ultra-compact so they can be stored
in your pocket or attached to your keychain.


Packed with technology

Although Nooz may appear simple, they have in fact been carefully designed.
Discover all their strengths.

Le concept de lunettes de lecture Nooz

Size of the glasses :
110 x 40 x 5 mm

Packed with technology

• Skid-proof and hypoallergenic elastomer mount

• Weight of the glasses: 6g

• Size of the glasses: 110 x 40 x 5 mm

• Ultra-flexible frame made of polycarbonate

• ERobust case with Soft Touch coating

• Certified to European norms (CE)


Test your sight

Take our diopter test to check your vision, find out your prescription and choose your ideal NOOZ.

Test your eyesight

Low Range
For +1 to +1,25


Low-mid Range
For +1,5 to +1,75


Mid Range
For +2 to +2,5


Mid-high Range
For +2,5 to +2,75


High Range
For +3 to +3,25

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