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    Nooz neck cord + infos +$6.95
Nooz neck cord

Nooz strap - Chic and practical

The Nooz neck cord is the essential accessory to make sure your Nooz are always at hand. A discreet and innovative clip attachment, for pure elegance.

  • Highly elegant, the fastening blends into the strap perfectly.
  • The rotatable fastening allows the item to lay flat in a case.
  • Material: Steel/Polyester
  • Length : 40 cm

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    Nooz Stand + infos +$7.95
Nooz Stand

Nooz Stand - Your Nooz just where you need them!  

Thanks to its reusable adhesive, you can attach your stand close by to keep your Nooz at hand. The stand sticks to and peels off from any surfaces. Try it on your desk, refrigerator, dashboard (table, wall, window...)

  • Easily attach and remove your Nooz. 
  • Reusable adhesive. 
  • Material: thermoplastic elastomer
  • Size : 38 x 27mm

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How do they work?

Protected in its ultra-compact hard case, the glasses remain within it without risk of breakage or scratching. With a simple movement, they can be fitted on the nose thanks to their flexible frame.

Easy to use
Flexible frame
Optimum comfort

The accessory
to see and be seen!

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The rigid, ultra-compact and highly resistant plastic case guarantees the protection of the Nooz.

Protective case


The flexible frame adapts to the morphology of the nasal bridge and guarantees a one-touch positioning of the bezel and a comfortable fit on the nose.

Flexible frame for optimal adjustment


Subject to multiple manipulations throughout the day, the Nooz is equipped with scratch-resistant lenses that guarantee its longevity.

Scratch-resistant glass


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