The answer to presbyopia

When you’re over forty it’s easy to feel frustrated at having to wear reading glasses and dealing with this first symptom of ageing. The images of glasses attached to a little cord or perched on the top of the head instantly come to mind.

Wearing glasses also restricts one's everyday life. Presbyopes can spend a great deal of time looking for their glasses...just to read something!

At the age of fifty, having lost and broken multiple pairs of glasses, we couldn’t find a solution to suit our needs.

We were convinced that there was a gap in the market for reading glasses that met simple specifications:

- A product that can be worn at all times while remaining discreet.
- A product that you can take out of its case and place on your nose in a single gesture.
- A product that doesn’t look like conventional reading glasses but is more of a stylish accessory. The challenge: to make presbyopia easier.

Manufacture of the product

With this in mind, in 2013 we decided to begin the development in collaboration with the Grenoble design office IXIADE.


We didn’t want to make something cheap as the market was already full of low-cost reading glasses. Rather, we decided to produce a high-end product and highlight its originality.

Our initial creative approach involved concept drawing designs. We then made various models by laser cutting sheets of polycarbonate. We wanted to create an ultra-compact pair of glasses which were easy to carry with you. However, the arms of the glasses were an issue. We quickly got rid of them to focus on giving the product a certain finesse and keeping it lightweight.


We wanted a universal solution that fits all nose shapes, that is stable and very comfortable to wear.

We wanted it to be portable in an ultra-compact protective case. Too many cases are so bulky that they remain in a drawer!

We soon found ourselves looking carefully at updating the traditional pince-nez.

Around sixty prototypes had to be made! Over time, we adjusted the design to find the perfect compromise between rigidity and flexibility as well as nose hold and comfort. The idea of the elastomer nose support was key as it represented a legitimate solution to two issues: stability on the nose and comfort...all without the glasses needing to have arms!


New ergonomics tests were carried out on the prototypes before the final design was approved.

For the case, we had to create something that was simple to use, easy to slide into a trouser pocket or small handbag and be attached to a keyring or cord... The case is now a key part of the product’s success.

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