Are NOOZ reading glasses comfortable?

NOOZ are super light as they only weigh 6g. The nasal support made of silicone provides excellent comfort. You’ll even forget you’re wearing them!

How do I choose my prescription?

The strength of reading glasses is expressed in diopter values. To find out yours, print our dioptric test available here

Can I have two different dioptre values in one pair of NOOZ?

NOOZ cannot offer different dioptre values in one single item. The lenses can only be the same for both eyes. We offer the following eyesight corrections: +1; +1.5; +2; +2.5; +3.

How do NOOZ reading glasses fit on my nose?

NOOZ reading glasses stay on your nose thanks to a super soft polycarbonate frame. The antislip nasal support makes it sure they stay on your nose very effectively. The silicone material avoids any mark on your nose. Check out the best way of positioning NOOZ on your nose by watching the following video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y_6ShG70j1I

According to the shape of your nose, you can wear NOOZ on the bony part or underneath it.

Where can I buy NOOZ reading glasses?

Our points of sale are listed here