Protections from the sun

1 min read | 08/11/2020

The different protections according to your needs.

Why protect your eyes from the sun?

Looking at the sun for 10 or 15 seconds is enough to burn your eyes. In the long run.Just as you cover your skin with sunscreen, don’t forget to cover your eyes as well.

What protection should I choose?

Like your sunscreen, sunglasses have a UV index. Unless you want your eyes to be tan (which is not suggested), the maximum protection is recommended. As long as it doesn’t reduce your vision.

  • CAT 2 - For medium sunlight situations.

Degree of protection 57 to 82%

  • CAT 3 - Ideal in situations of strong luminosity: at sea, at the beach or for winter sports.

Degree of protection 82 to 92%

  • CAT 4 - In case of extreme sunshine (mountain climbing, high mountains) Protection index 4 is prohibited while driving because you will not see anything when passing through a tunnel.

Degree of protection of more than 92%

Mirror glasses or polarized ?

It’s not just a question of style! Mirror glasses or ‘flash’ reflect up to 60% of the light that reaches your eyes - perfect for high light situations like winter sports! Polarized lenses filter out harmful radiation and eliminate glare and reflections. They also allow better perception of contrasts and colors.

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