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4 min read | 06/18/2021

What is it about? What are the advantages?

Do you feel blinded when the sun shines, even while wearing sunglasses? Worse, do you experience eye strain at the end of a sunny day? There is a solution: polarized, or polarizing glasses.

Know how light works to understand polarized glasses

First and foremost, it is essential to understand that light propagates in the form of an electromagnetic wave. Its first component, the electric wave, diffuses by vibrating horizontally: it is known to be "polarized" horizontally, unlike the magnetic wave.

Electric waves see their vibration axis change when they are reflected on a flat surface: wet road, snow, water, sign, etc..

This is known as reverberance:the reflected light vibrates on this horizontal axis, this is the phenomenon that causes blinding and visual discomfort. Polarized glasses are designed to fight against these unwanted effects of the sun and its light...

Glasses with polarized lenses: what is it about?

Polarized or polarizing lenses (these are synonyms), invented by Edwin Land in 1929, is an innovation that aims to protect the eyes from the reverberation of sunlight and its consequences. By filtering the sun's rays, this very specific lens which is made up of a superposition of several layers of lenses, including a polarizing filter is very effective, whether you are in the car, by a swimming pool or on a ski slope.

How do polarized lenses work?

Polarized glass works on the same principle as a Venetian blind: by blocking unwanted light, while allowing the necessary light to pass through. This filter improves the vision when the sun is playing tricks on us.

In practical terms, the polarizing filter, which is made up of iodine crystals is aligned in the same direction, inserted right from the design of the glass into the core of the material. This is the best solution to create the blocking curtain effect, that only gives free access to the light’s vertical component.

Why choose glasses with polarized lenses?

Polarized lenses on sunglasses are always an asset. This leads to the question of why this is an advantage. Well in fact: to limit the discomfort and eye fatigue caused by glare, polarized lenses are very effective.

No more annoying reflections, difficulty seeing certain places clearly and the risk of damaging your retina, by exposing yourself to the reverberation.

Who are polarized lenses made for?

Good news: everyone can wear polarized lenses to protect themselves against the blinding, caused by the sun’s glare. Babies, children and adults have a lot to gain from this.

Moreover, some have more to gain than others: babies and children have more fragile eyes, mainly in the cristalline, as we discussed in our articles on the danger of blue light and the one on the sun for the young public.

This is why polarized glasses are more than recommended for the little ones. It is also in the interest of other people to protect their eyes with polarized lenses: those who have clear eyes, the elderly, people who wear lenses, or people who live in environments with strong reverberation all year round, such as the sea, the mountains or the road.

When should you wear these? 

As we were just saying, some conditions are more favorable than others for wearing sunglasses with polarized lenses. Driving, especially during damp weather and on wet roads, is one of them.

Mountain areas and winter sports are another case where such glasses are more than useful and almost necessary, but also in an aquatic environment: on a boat, at the beach or even in a swimming pool.

In fact, once sunlight creates glare, polarized glasses become useful and are worth wearing.

8  advantages of polarized glasses

If we had to sum up the 8 benefits of wearing polarized sunglasses, we would say that they:

  1. effectively and durably protect our eyes, from light reflection

  2. negate or greatly reduce the destabilizing effects of reflected sunlight and ultraviolet (UV) rays

  3. remove the uncomfortable effect of glare

  4. greatly reduce the dangerousness of reverberation (for example while driving)

  5. improve visual comfort even in direct sunlight

  6. make colors sharper and enhance contrasts

  7. limit visual fatigue

  8. greatly facilitates the view in the case of reverberation

100 % of Nooz sunglasses are polarized

To provide you with all these benefits and much more, all Nooz sunglasses lenses are polarized *. We don't meddle with your eyesight, your eye protection and your visual comfort.

Our lenses are category 3 polarized and filter 100% of UV rays, while fighting against glare under all circumstances.

This is without counting the advantages of Nooz sunglasses apart from this polarizing filter: their ultra thin case, their robustness, their style of course and most of all, their ergonomics.

Screwless frame, flexibility, and even polarized lenses… What more could you look for in your next pair of sunglasses?

* (except Solar Reading)

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