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While presbyopia affects an increasingly active population well into its time, its correction remains synonymous with constraint and frustration. Bulky, fragile, subject to many omissions, traditional glasses tend to weigh on a daily life that is, moreover, increasingly dynamic and eventful.

Nooz Optics Concept models binoculars manufacture
Nooz Optics original orange oval armless reading glasses
Nooz Optics original black rectangular armless reading glasses
Nooz Optics original blue oval armless reading glasses with keys

A modern eyewear.

The idea of a neo-binocular is the result of a consultation between Olivier Doolaeghe, an entrepreneur, and a French ophthalmology firm. It is based on the desire to reduce the complexity of presbyopia through an instant and tailor-made reading accessory for modern life.

Nooz Optics original armless reading glasses design paper drawing
Nooz Optics original armless reading glasses design on computer modeling

And all comfort.

Developed in collaboration with the design agency Ixiade, the Nooz classics are launched on the market after cleverly developed to obtain a compact, elementary, ultra resistant and comfortable result.

Nooz for all!

The small magnifying glasses have a long view: barely four years later, the nomadic accessory has toured the world and can now boast of simplifying the daily life of modern fifties in more than twenty countries.

Nooz Optics original armless reading glasses oval orange
Reassurance Optical quality

Optical quality

Products designed by ophthalmologists in France. Certified medical device.


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