The dimensions:

Dimensions monture : 49 - 20 - 140

Case dimensions: 15 x 5 x 1.4cm

Thin lenses

Highly flexible steel arms

Certified medical device

The blue light problem.

In a world where screens invade us, our eyes are the first to suffer. On average, we are exposed for more than 9 hours a day to the blue light from screens (TV, smartphone, computer.

Blue light has a short wavelength and a greater amount of energy with many harmful effects on our health.


Visual fatigue


Trouble falling asleep


Headaches, migraines

Why the Nooz have nothing in common with other glasses?



Nooz lenses are among the most protective on the market with 99% filtration up to 410 nm, 80% filtration at 420nm, and 40% at 430 nm.



Thanks to the nylon frame, you will be able to wear them without discomfort during the 2000 hours a year that you spend in front of the screens.


A featherweight

Only 17 grams on the nose, enough to make you forget you're wearing them. The Nooz frame is a clever mix of lightness and solidity.

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Optical quality

Products designed by ophthalmologists in France. Certified medical device.

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