The dimensions:

Nylon TR90 frame

Frame dimensions: 53 - 15 - 140

Case dimensions: 15 x 5 x 1.4cm

Thin lenses

Highly flexible steel arms

Certified medical device

The problem with your (old) reading glasses.


Bulky case.


They are fragile.


They lack style.


You spend a lot of time looking for them.

Why the Nooz have nothing in common with other glasses?


Screwless frame.

Never break your glasses again. And say goodbye to unsteady frames.


An ultra-slim case.

Optimum protection and just 14mm thick


An amazing lightness.

Nylon frame, only 17 grams. The only place you'll forget your glasses is on your own nose!


Flexible from every point of view.

Extremely flexible steel temples.

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Optical quality

Products designed by ophthalmologists in France. Certified medical device.

Free standard delivery

For orders over 65 USD

Customer service ♡

Need help? Question about Nooz? Our customer service team is available by phone on +44 20 3936 4030

30 day return policy.

2-year guarantee.


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