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Nooz neck cord

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Nooz Cord - Chic and practical

The Nooz neck cord is the essential accessory to make sure your Nooz are always at hand. A discreet and innovative clip attachment, for pure elegance.

Technical characteristics

Highly elegant, the fastening blends into the strap perfectly.

The rotatable fastening allows the item to lay flat in a case.

Material: Steel/Polyester

Length : 40 cm

Handy and super compact, slip easily into a bag or pocket, or attach to your keys. Faithful companions for those in their fifties, they can keep pace with busy modern lives.

Frequently asked questions

How do the Nooz fit on the nose?

Nooz reading glasses fit on your nose thanks to an ultra-flexible polycarbonate frame. The anti-slip nasal support gives them a remarkable hold on your nose. The silicone nasal support doesn't leave any mark on your nose. Depending on your nasal bridge, you can either wear Nooz right on your nasal bone or below.

Which prescriptions are Nooz suitable for?

Nooz reading glasses are suitable for presbyopia. They are available in 5 corrections: +1, +1.5, +2, +2.5, +3 To assess your dioptre, you can download and print our eye test.

How can I know my correction ?

You can download and print the dioptre test available

What is presbyopia?

Presbyopia is the progressive loss of eye ability to focus (called accommodation) on a nearby object. In case of presbyopia, near visual acuity decreases. Presbyopia is part of the eye's aging process. It is linked to the hardening of the lens and limitation of the system acting on the lens.

More practical than ever

Armless, only 6 grams

Ultra-compact, always there when you need them

Screwless, ultra-resistant polycarbonate

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Products designed by ophthalmologists in France.
Certified medical device.

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