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Optical quality

Products designed by ophthalmologists in France.
Certified medical device.

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Customer service

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30-day money-back guarantee

2-year guarantee.

How to use the Nooz Smartphone?

3 solutions are available to you!

Case dimensions


Sticked behind a phone/tablet

Check the dimensions of the nooz case so as not to obstruct the camera or fingerprint sensor.

Incompatible? choose the Nooz Classic that fits in your pocket, bag or even hangs on your key ring.

Nooz Classic

Sticked on the flap of a protective shell


Sticked on any other surface!

Computer, calendar, reader, notebook

How do they work?

Protected in its ultra-compact hard case, the glasses remain within it without risk of breakage or scratching. With a simple movement, they can be fitted on the nose thanks to their flexible frame.

Easy to use
Flexible frame
Optimum comfort

The accessory
to see and be seen!

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Protective case


Flexible frame for optimal adjustment


Scratch-resistant glass


Customer reviews

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