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The timeless Pantos shape

The Pantos shape's story

Prior to the 20th century, eyeglasses were reserved for the wealthier social classes and were largely viewed as simple medical devices. The Pantos shape, which appeared in the 1930s, revolutionized the market and changed the mentalities. The success was quick and it transformed the medical image of the eyewear into an essential fashion accessory. In vogue in the 40s, the model draws its inspiration from the artistic world. Mainly made of plastic, they embody the creativity and modernity linked to the new use of plastic. Now iconic, the shape has always been very successful. Why?

What is the secret of this shape?

It is undoubtedly the most revisited shape of glasses over the years, adapting to new fashion trends and desires. Now more modern, it is a must-have and an essential model for any major brand of glasses. Characterized by its rounded shape, clean lines and simple curves, the Pantos last has retained its unique essence over the years, making it a timeless pair that is still beloved. Generally recommended to add roundness to the face, they will adapt very well to all types of looks.

Cruz, the version of Nooz

You will find the Pantos shape at Nooz, better known as Cruz and present on all of our ranges, available in more than 15 colors. The Cruz shape is one of our must-haves, and is without a doubt one of our best-selling shapes.

The Good Nooz you've been waiting for!

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