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Your first pair

Reading - Sun Essential

Your second pair

Reading glasses - Essential

In & Out

Equipped like never before for reading! The solar reading pack for all your daily moments.

A new comfort for your eyes.

Made to last.

A weak spot on glasses? The screws on the end piece. At Nooz, our frames come without screws and and made of ultra-resistant materials. Say goodbye to crooked glasses.

Reading glasses in its carrying case and put forward in the hands of a woman

An ultra-slim case.

Maximum strength 14 millimeters protection to take everywhere and won't weigh you down.

Essential sunglasses worn by a man in beige shirt

12 grams of comfort.

No constraints. Nooz Essential, you'll forget you're even wearing them. The ultra-light frame is made of Swiss TR90, considered the best optical nylon in the world, providing greater flexibility and durability!

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