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How to get rid of blue light emitted by screens?

Using digital devices such as computers, smartphones and tablets has become essential in our daily lives, regardless of the reason (work, chat, online lessons, games, etc.). Screens are an important part of our chronic needs. Unfortunately, because of the blue light they emit, they tend to gradually harm our health. This article explains how to get rid of this artificial light from our screens and and how the use of blue light glasses can positively impact your well-being and productivity.

What is blue light?

First and foremost, the blue light is a part of the light spectrum which is perceptible by our eyes with wavelengths between 380 and 500 nanometers. It is an energy-intensive light that is emitted by the sun. However, it is ubiquitous when it comes to artificial light sources, especially in energy-efficient lighting (LED) and electronic screens.

Excessive exposure to these sources can trigger some pathological changes. The risks of blue light are definitely genuine: 

  • Sleep disorder: Blue light reduces the production of melatonin, this hormone is used to regulate our sleep. It can cause insomnia and frequent waking up during the night. The quality of sleep is reduced, due to this.

  • Vision disorder: It affects our eyes and destroys our retinal cells. This effect can lead to eye strain (dry, itchy eyes) and blurry vision.

  • Psychological disorder: The brain is also affected after prolonged exposure to blue light. It can change your mood and trigger depression

Solutions to get rid of blue light from screens

The blue light screen filter is mainly a system for removing blue light from screens. Now the presence of this dangerous light is no longer an issue, as there are ways to block the latter.


Due to the well-known harmful effects of blue light, computer and smartphone manufacturers have included options that can reduce these. On your smartphone, go to the settings and decrease the brightness, this contributes to the reduction of blue light. To lower the contrast, you can also switch to the night mode.

As for your computer, just press the "Start" menu then you must enter settings and then on the "System" icon, click on the "Display" option. All you have to do is adjust the brightness and activate the night light mode.


Besides the simple settings, the developers have also created applications that are used to reduce the intensity of blue light. For Windows or Mac, you can install Flux, this application adjusts brightness and colors and also reduces the emission of this artificial light at night.

If you have an Android device or tablet, Twilight might help you, this app with a red color filter decreases the effect of blue light.

Anti-blue light glasses

Whether it is to correct eyesight or to protect the eyes, many categories of glasses exist due to the development of technology. For more satisfaction, gamers, online workers and users of digital devices will need to equip themselves with anti-blue light glasses on a daily basis. They will be able to protect the ocular function in the long run.

These glasses are extremely beneficial because they have lenses with anti-blue light treatment, which filters out blue radiation on screens that damage the quality of our eyesight. They are specially designed to get rid of unwanted light rays, projected on our eyes.

Benefits of anti-blue light glasses

Since the harmfulness of this light affects all ages, it is essential to protect yourself as soon as possible, to avoid the risks. However, wearing anti-blue light glasses is a successful solution that we must take on while using screens.

Less visual fatigue

In order to avoid visual annoyances, it is essential to wear anti-blue light glasses, as they prevent blue rays from destroying the retina. Even after hours of exposure to screens, they bring relief in terms of eye strain and headaches. That's not all, they can also give you visual comfort in front of digital devices.

Improved quality of sleep

To prevent blue light from affecting the functioning of melatonin, blue anti-radiation glasses can filter its emissions and favor better quality of sleep. It wouldn't be harder to fall asleep because the glasses are specially designed to protect our eyes and block harmful light aggression on the brain.

Features of anti-blue light glasses

To recognize blue light protection glasses, you can observe the reflection of the lenses yourself. It is known that the traditional lenses are transparent, those that are against the blue ray have a slightly bluish reflection. It's simple, if you want to examine the lenses, just expose the glasses to light. Or if you have a pair of prescription glasses, you can compare them to see that the colors of the reflections are different.

Last but not least, the blue light emitted by screens can be filtered out due to the various solutions related to current technology. Setting the brightness is important so that it suits your needs, installing an application according to your device, and most of all wearing anti-blue light glasses. Glasses will bring relief to all sorts of pathological changes. This is why Nooz has developed a range of anti-blue light glasses which suits daily use. Do not hesitate to discover these and protect your eyes while working in front of screens. 

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