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The Nooz design process

Since the emergence of the brand in 2015, our first goal has always been to put optical innovation within everyone’s reach. By banking on simplicity, minimalism and uniqueness, as the years have gone by, we have fine-tuned our creation and design process, to respond through even more finesse, in terms of the genuine needs of glass wearers.

The Nooz manifest

Nooz Optics came into being through simple findings: fragility, lack of style, a heavy case and the risk of losing one’s glasses, mainly reading glasses. Our mission has always been and till date remains to develop enabling and innovative concepts in terms of optical material. The genesis of the brand can’t leave anything to chance.

So now it is time to unveil our product design to you.

Simplicity and minimalism as the motto

Well-thought so that it’s simplified”, this is the best way to describe the Nooz creations. If the notion of simplicity is omnipresent today, it’s because it responds to a deep-seated need for the client, who is tired with complexity, the cumbersome and the abstruse aspect.

The 3 key design principles at Nooz

  1. Simplicity: The reason for this priority is in fact simple. Lightening of all constraints and the removal of the unnecessary aspect makes it all the more easier to use. At Nooz, the cases are super thin, and the form of the products are universal. 

  2. Less, but better : We have drawn inspiration from the designer’s work namely Dieter Rams, in terms of minimalism, as we are convinced that we can do better with less.

  3. Sustainability: Solid glasses, is the bare minimum. However, often the glasses one tends to buy in the market shatter easily. Making sustainable and ethical products, favors the planet, the environment and the living. 

Application of our principles: from theory to practice

In order to achieve our 3 design principles, we exclusively use top-notch materials which have proven themselves and we work these through a robust design without any screws.

Each innovation technique derived from our research and development, is a step forward. And each milestone allows greater usability, better solidity of products, strengthened sustainability in time and a stronger protection for your precious eyes.

The creation process at Nooz

At Nooz, our clients can count on 3 new products per year, tops. According to us, this is the only way to genuinely make a positive impact. To manage this, our product team works hand in hand with our in-house design department.

Following the benchmark of existing products and analyzing their major problems, we yearn to look for the best technical solutions to solve these. The creation process for a new product takes between 1 and 2 years, the time which is required to imagine, design, produce and then test out each innovation...then iterate right until the result is in keeping with our expectations, but also those of our clients.

Ranging from choosing glass materials but also colors and shapes of our glasses, each element is sifted through. To turn the final product into a unique idea, 2D drawings but also 3D prototypes are required.

But let’s get back to the initial steps of Nooz in 2015 and also the initial products which validated our creation process.

The Original and legendary Nooz binocles, a first innovation of a long series

Practical and within reach reading binocles, Nooz Original, was the first product that came into being through our research & development work.

These reading glasses without any stems are innovative, both super retro and extremely modern, made for presbyterians. If seeing clearly all the time and in a flash seems like a crazy bet, the promise has been kept. One must admit that in real fact, it’s not always easy. While presbyopia seems to be common now, one seems to come across several issues: the glasses one usually comes across are bulky, fragile and subject to forgetfulness or misplacing these.

Given this problem, the Nooz Original provides a solution and leans on the deep desire to make presbyopia much easier through an instant reading accessory, custom-made for modern life.

Our design principles applied to the Nooz Original :

  • Portability : An extremely compact product, easy to carry, not cumbersome and fits right into any pocket

  • Minimalist: A product without stems, single injection to avoid any unfortunate accidents

  • Confortable : 6 grams and a well-thought design to fit right on the tip of the nose, nothing better to forget that you are wearing glasses

We have also always given pride to the style: available in a series of classic and pop colors, the Nooz Original makes seeing and reading easier by relieving presbyopia.

Nooz Essential, art of combining the useful with the pleasant (and aesthetically effective)

Light, refined and robust are the iconic features which have made other models a success, in the Essential range. For several years now, Nooz Essential creations have been accompanying those who wish to combine precision, uniqueness and style on a daily basis.

Our design principles applied to Nooz Essential :

  • Portability: A real frame in a case of only 14 millimeters to suit everyone

  • Solidity: An exceptional design without any screws for a truly innovative product

  • Quality of glasses: Made thin for reading, super protective against blue light and polarized for sunglasses, the Essential glasses will never disappoint you.

With Nooz Optics, we begin through observations and issues that weigh on the daily lives of people, while they look for their ideal glasses. As a solution, after offering the most original creations, today we continue to strictly accede to our design processes so that we always take our optical innovation, up a notch.

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