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SS23 Acetate Renew™ Collection

We're delighted to be able to (finally) present our new SS23 collection. A range designed entirely from Acetate Renew™.

We're proud to offer you eyewear that not only meets all your expectations, but exceeds them.

Discover the features that make these sunglasses, incredible.

Flawless design, uncompromised quality.

In our quest for excellence, we've designed each model in the SS23 Acetate Renew™ collection with meticulous precision and care. For us, design and quality go hand in hand. Each pair of glasses is the result of work aimed at offering a flawless design that will appeal to the most demanding fashion enthusiasts. From the shape of the frame to the subtle details of the temples, nothing is left to chance.

Acetate Renew™: an innovative tech material

The SS23 Acetate Renew™ collection is the fruit of our ongoing commitment to innovation. Our eyewear is designed with a cutting-edge material called Acetate Renew™, which combines biosourced cellulose and recycled plastic waste with a traditional plasticizer. This ingenious combination offers exceptional strength and unrivalled style, while reducing our impact on the environment. Thanks to Acetate Renew™, our sunglasses are stylish, strong and eco-responsible, offering a sustainable alternative to traditional materials.

A reinvention of timeless models

From classic frames to contemporary shapes, we've redesigned each model to bring our Nooz touch. Whether you're looking for iconic aviators, square shapes or bold cat-eye frames, our collection offers a variety of styles to suit every taste and occasion. Let yourself be seduced by over 80 models, each more different than the next.

The SS23 Acetate Renew™ Collection is the culmination of our passion for excellence, design and sustainability. With 82 new models that push the boundaries of innovation, we're proud to offer a collection that will make you stand out with style and elegance.

The Good Nooz you've been waiting for!

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