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Anti-blue light glasses, where to find them?

Given the surge in terms of technology, screens have turned into a daily necessity. Behavioral studies have shown that we spend more than 6 hours/day in front of screens (television, smartphone, computer and tablet). These digital devices trigger blue light which is particularly dangerous for our health, because of its high energy intensity.

Therefore, anti-blue light glasses are mandatory to protect our retina and fight against the harmful effects of this artificial light. But, where to find these?

What is meant by anti-blue light glasses?

Anti-blue light glasses are first and foremost accessories for filtering out the blue which is triggered by the light emitted from screens. Along with the filter which has a slightly bluish reflection, they help block harmful radiation. They are important to protect our retinal cells. They also help improve pathological changes. This concerns sleep disorder, headaches, nervous breakdown and much more. In short, it concerns the general state of health of the person.

Wearing these glasses is useful, whether it’s at work, at school or at home.

Where to buy anti-blue light glasses?

Sometimes buying anti-blue light glasses requires a specific correction ordered by the ophthalmologist. In this case, it goes without saying you need to go to the store to try and purchase glasses on the spot.

However, it is possible to buy glasses without a prescription just for the sake of protection. To do so, you will not need to go to a store, you can opt for these beautiful glasses available on the internet comfortably.

Several places currently offer blue light glasses, but the quality and sustainability aren’t the same everywhere. There is a vast choice, because it is possible to find these in eyewear stores and also in companies who specialize in optics. However, it is easy to buy such glasses through online stores who are experienced in the optical sector like Nooz Optics, as the glasses combine comfort, style and protection.

The main criteria for a good pair of anti-blue light glasses

Getting glasses is not just a simple act of purchase, but most of all a medical gesture that contributes to your daily state of health. It is important to focus on the performance of the product, before buying a pair of glasses. Here are the three criteria of a good anti-blue light glasses:

  • Protection: It is essential to know the effect of lenses before purchasing, you must make sure that the glasses have protective lenses. For example, you can ask customer support on how effective the blue light filters may be.

  • Comfort: Choosing the right frame can be tricky while shopping, but it is recommended that you choose a nylon frame for extra comfort. You can wear such glasses without any issues throughout the day, while working in front of the screens.

  • Lightweight: If you are not too comfortable with heavy glasses, the recommended weight for you should vary between 12 and 17 grams. The best option being that you don’t even realize that you have glasses on your nose.

Our expert advice: Why choose certified glasses?

Eyes are fragile, especially when exposed to screens. The blue light emitted by these screens is the cause of the pathological changes that have been mentioned before. To prevent this, you should wear anti-blue light glasses each time you use digital devices.

Moreover, it is essential to opt for anti-blue light glasses that are designed by specialists. With certified medical quality, this accessory is able to offer better protection. You won't have to worry about your eye’s health and well-being.

Glasses with blue light filter

Due to specific technology, certified anti-radiation glasses are among the most protective ones on the market. With a 99% filtration rate up to 410 nm, 80% filtration at 420 nm and 40% at 430 nm, they effectively protect us from harmful reflections of blue light. These models are recommended by ophthalmologists. It is all the more important to choose the right place, to buy your anti-blue light glasses.

Lightweight and comfortable frame

The frames of the certified anti-blue light glasses are of the highest quality. These are closely analyzed by ophthalmologists, and are designed in such a way that they won’t bother the person wearing it. To avoid disturbance or be able to remove the glasses easily, they must have a frame that is comfortable to wear, light, flexible and strong such as Nylon.

Well-protected glasses

To prevent glasses from cracking quickly, the case is an essential accessory. Made for its practicality, it can easily be placed in pockets, bags, etc. It matches the shape of the glasses, this accessory reduces the risk of damage, in a major way. This is why Nooz Optics opted for an ultra-slim case.

Last but not least, anti-blue light glasses can be found in various stores that sell eyewear items, but before making your choice, it is important to make sure the product works. Therefore, if you want the blue light protection to be most effective, consult a professional such as Nooz Optics. A wide range of glasses models are at your disposal. Every age group can find something they like.

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