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In Catherine’s pockets, wellness's adept

Catherine, 55 years old, has been a Nooz enthusiast since the beginning in 2015 and has been a yoga teacher for 20 years. She currently lives in Grenoble and pursues her passions: yoga, painting and reading.

What's your passion in life?

I love yoga, painting and reading. 

I have been practicing yoga for quite a long time. I have taught it and I continue to practice it on a regular basis even though I don't really teach it anymore. 

I lived in the US where I used to do a lot of gym, swim, and all sorts of other things. And then someone told me one day "you should come and see a yoga class".

I remember my first class, I laughed so much, I almost got kicked out, but after that I kept on practicing yoga. After four years I started training, I did 7 years of training and then became a teacher for 20 years, which is what I continue to do today.

As far as painting is concerned, I began to paint a long time ago too. My children were very young when I started. In 98, or 96 maybe. 

When I lived in the US I took a lot of classes, here (in Grenoble) I take classes in person during the day but also in the evening via Zoom live with the US.

I'm fascinated by oil painting and now, I'm discovering watercolor, it's quite different and I really love it too.  

It is often said that painters pile up paintings?  Is there somewhere we can see yours ?

Yes. There are a little all over. Well, maybe less than expected, but I have some all over the house, and in my attic. They're everywhere, all around. Since I've been painting, I have tons of them (laughs).

Painter? I don't know if I can be called a painter (laughs) but in any case, I love it.

And as for reading, rather hardcopy or digital version?

Both ! I always have a paper book and my Kindle, or reading tablet, with me everywhere. A paper book during the day, and a digital book at night. Always.

What's always in your pocket for you to fully enjoy your passions?

My Original glasses, of course!

For yoga I use them at the beginning of a session, to check out my lesson and schedule. As for painting, I try to work a bit like, quote, Dutch painters, unquote, with very precise fades and small details, glasses are crucial.  And when it comes to reading, I am far-sighted, so reading a book without glasses is simply impossible. 

What do these Nooz glasses have that makes them so special?

As I get older, I can' t read anything small anymore. Even cooking, or eating, to be able to see what's on my plate. I even need them to get home in order to see the keyhole (laughs). So, I have a different pair for each situation.

For example, when skiing, I always carry the Original with me. Hanging on my neck or in my pockets, they are super practical and not bulky.  

At home, to read a book or to paint, I always wear an Essential for the very light and super thin feature. 

And during summer, I have the Sunglasses with me, practical and very pretty!

I think it's the same for a lot of people my age. It's such a comfort to always have a pair of glasses on hand. It's not easy for old people you know (laughs).

Rather Nooz Original or Nooz Essential?  

 The choice isn't easy! 

I have been a fan of the Original since the beginning for the many ways they have helped me with all the activities I don't want to do or can't manage. It's only for short periods of time. As for the Essential, they stay in my books. This is what I find best suited for spending long moments reading. 

Catherine's Nooz selection

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