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Ivy, the iconic butterfly shape

The iconic butterfly shape

The butterfly shape appeared for the first time in the 50's but its great success will come later, thanks to fashion icons such as Marylin Monroe and Audrey Hepburn

In 1961, the film ""Diamonds on the couch"" by Blake Edwards marks a turning point in the history of the shape. In a mythical scene that the cinema still remembers, Audrey Hepburn appears in front of the window of the Tiffany's store wearing a pair of butterfly-shaped sunglasses.

Few weeks later and thanks to the success of the film, the model became an essential fashion accessory, a symbol of modernity and American style.

From the 70's and while fashion is constantly renewing itself, the popularity around the shape is running out of steam.

But the return of the vintage and retro style is now inspiring the greatest designers again. The butterfly shape is making a comeback by adapting to current trends: new materials, a wide variety of colors, with thicker or thinner frames...

What is the secret of this shape?

Beyond the influence of the icons and its iconic history, why has the butterfly shape been so popular and is continually updated for over 50 years now?

It has a reputation for stretching the eyes with its slightly upturned almond-shaped corners, and today it fits any faces. Bright colors and thick frames sometimes, sober shades and thin shapes while other times, the model is timeless, aesthetic and stylish, enough to seduce all of the greatest fashionistas...

IVY, the modern version of Nooz

At Nooz, we wanted to create our own butterfly shape by keeping the lines of the traditional one with adding our touch.

Our IVY model brings together our key features: an ultra-thin case, incredible lightness and unbeatable strength.

To sublimate this iconic shape, we chose 4 colors: - Tortoise: a classic print with a bold twist - Quartz : pinkish tones to represent the softness of the shape - Ruby : a tribute to the pin-up style of the 50's - Crystal : the perfect color to enhance this airy frame.

The Good Nooz you've been waiting for!

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