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Anti-blue light glasses: what you should know before buying

Faced with the excessive exposure to computer, telephone or television screens, we recommend eye protection. Anti-blue light glasses are the ideal barriers against radiation. They curb the negative effects that worsen your visual capacity. Find out what you need to take into account while choosing your glasses.

The filtering rate of anti-blue light glasses

Each model of glasses has its own efficiency. The level of protection depends on the filtering or reflection rate. A high percentage corresponds to better blue light filtration. Varying between 20% to 90%, the adequate rate is 80% filtration at 420 nm for optimal efficiency.

The duration of exposure to the screen is an important point as it defines your choice. Before buying this accessory, take into account your working time in front of the screen. If you spend more than 4 hours a day, favor glasses with more than 40% filtration at 430 nm.

Design of your anti-blue light glasses

The material and shape of the glasses make an impact on their robustness, practicality and aesthetics. You will usually find frames made from plastic, steel, carbon, or nylon. For long-term use, opt for a model that is both resistant and flexible. Nylon generally combines these two features.

The size of your glasses should also suit your face to ensure proper support. Thin or thick frame, you can choose the shape and color depending on your taste. You need to make sure your glasses are comfortable if you wear them for a long time. The lighter the pair, the less  you'll be tempted to take off your anti-blue light glasses. This is why Nooz Optics opted for a super-light nylon frame (17 grams). 

The lenses of your anti-blue light glasses

Such glasses stand out through their lenses which have a filtration coating. On some models, panoramic lenses are the best barrier against harmful rays. The shape of the glasses also makes a difference for each model (square, rounded, round, etc.). These can be super light or thicker.

The quality of the glasses is also one of the points to consider.. Whenever possible, choose anti-blue light glasses that do not alter the quality or color of the images while providing quality protection just like Nooz anti-blue light glasses.

What are the different anti-blue light glasses?

The models differ according to their uses. This criterion joins the filtration rate.

Single screen glasses

This is the basic type with a maximum filtration rate of 30%. They are suitable for moderate exposure to the screen: less than 4 hours per day. Single-screen glasses fight against sleep disturbances and eye strain. You need to only put these on when you are in front of the screen. On the other hand, they are the least expensive on the market.

Multifunction glasses

Their reflection rate varies from over 30% to 80% and they are more efficient. The lenses incorporate both an anti-ultraviolet and anti-blue light filter but also a vision correction.

In addition to using these in front of the screen, multifunctional glasses may be prescribed for night-time driving. You can also use them for reading and wear them both indoors and outdoors. They protect you while maintaining a sharp vision. Combining style, comfort and protection, Nooz anti-blue light glasses are in keeping with these various needs.

Gaming glasses

They are especially made for video game fans. They are the ones who are most exposed to blue light. Gaming glasses are more efficient in order to properly limit this radiation. Their lenses are designed with a more reflective filter: around 90% filtration rate. Their enveloping frame prevents the rays from passing through, on the sides. These models are more expensive due to their high efficiency. Nooz glasses offer 99% filtration up to 410 nm and 80% filtration at 420 nm.

Why wear anti-blue light glasses?

  • Visual fatigue;

  • Dryness, irritation and redness of the eyes;

  • Sleep disorders;

  • Focusing issues;

  • Less frequent eye blinking

They protect the retina by limiting the penetration of blue light. Using this accessory does not require you to consult a specialist. 

The right gestures for using anti-blue light glasses

For maximum protection, also take note of the following precautions.

Take off your glasses during certain circumstances

Blue light from screens can harm health. However, this radiance helps us distinguish between day and night. In order to preserve your circadian cycle, don’t forget to regularly remove your anti-blue light glasses. 

Adjust your screen’s brightness

The amount of blue light emitted decreases as the brightness of your screen increases. Adjusting the lighting intensity will allow you to reduce the effects of radiation. You can change it easily in your device settings or use apps for automatic adjustment.

Choosing your anti-blue light glasses requires knowledge on several criteria. This accessory, which will become part of your daily life, needs to be comfortable and efficient. Take your time and compare various models before you make up your mind. Nooz-Optics offers you a wide range of high quality anti-blue light glasses.

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