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The genesis of Nooz

Travel back in time, when we came up with the idea of Nooz Optics.

02/03/2021 | Laury

Discover Nooz’s story, from the new generation reading glasses to designer glasses adapted to your correction, and these include anti-blue light models.

The Nooz Optics brand emerged in 2015 through a simple observation: glasses (especially reading glasses) are often very fragile, they lack style, their case is often massive and most of all, one loses them often. 

Therefore, the idea right from the beginning was to change courses and come up with facilitating and innovative concepts, in terms of optics. This is Nooz’s story, from the new generation reading glasses to designer glasses adapted to your correction, and these include anti-blue light models.

The Original Nooz, first Nooz Optics creation in 2015

The very first product which was the outcome of our research & development work was the practical reading glasses, always within reach: Nooz Original.

Presbyopia seems to increasingly make an impact on the active population and even now its correction remains synonymous with constraint and frustration. Cumbersome, fragile and not to mention the many oversights, traditional glasses tend to come in the way of our increasingly dynamic and hectic daily life.

Though, the goal of a good pair of glasses should be to make life easier, and not harder.

The result of Olivier Doolaeghe’s focus along with the French ophthalmology practice, the idea of a "neo-binocle" is based on the desire to make presbyopia simple, with an instant reading accessory that is in keeping with modern life.

So this led to Nooz Original glasses...

It was launched on the market after a smart development which favored obtaining a quintessential nomadic object, the Nooz Original came along in their super-compact and rigid case so that it’s always within reach. 

This reading glasses which aimed at simplifying daily life was the starting point of the brand and has contributed to its reputation in a major way. 

The Nooz philosophy: simplicity, practicality, innovation & quality

Nooz Optics aren’t just glasses. It is also a brand not to mention a vision with an assumed philosophy.

It is this philosophy that has led to the brand's first baby, the Nooz Original glasses, which continues to inspire the design of the latest models such as the Anti-Blue-Light Essentials Bi-Colors.

This philosophy is at the disposal of those who wear glasses, and is based on 4 pillars:

  • Simple

  • Practical

  • Innovation

  • Quality

Buying a pair of Nooz glasses or binocles is not just about purchasing a state-of-the-art product in terms of design, ergonomics and efficiency: it is about leaning on a philosophy which positions the eyeglass wearer as the main focus of the creation process.

Why choose “Nooz” as the name?

The name is important for the brand: it should be simple but recognizable, short but catchy, clear but eloquent.

To represent the brand and its creations, we began with specific ideas in mind. The chosen  name had to be dynamic, easy to share, universal and fun. 

The name Noz caught our attention through its reference in English (“nose”) and the idea of nomadic glasses which you clip onto your nose in a jiffy.

The first iterations to find a simple, natural, international and fun name

In 2014, we commissioned the company Joosnabhan to research the name of our first binocle. Here is the original brief we sent to  describe the Nooz Original :

 "An object, which is within reach, super light, super nomadic, which accompanies you everywhere so that you’re never on the fritz, when you need to read. A contemporary version of the binocle, Binoptics are a new practical, fun and complex free answer to presbyopia. A new optical object, a contemporary re-design, which must be named, qualified, to easily make way in the language and pocket "

Research was oriented towards a name which encouraged an action, a name which blends in and is easy to share, but is also global not to mention natural with a playful sound.

Following the name offers of November 7, 2015, we chose “BEHOP & NOZ”. But in the end “NOZ” was selected: "A nomadic object for bold noses" in reference to “nose”, the word in English. 

So you may wonder why isn't the brand called NOZ? This is where the administrative constraints come into play.

This is how “Nooz” came along

While carrying out prior research with the INPI, we were sad to find out that the brand name NOZ existed. So we tried to add a description to the name NOZ: “NOZup”, “NOZfit”, “NOZoo...

The latest version allowed us to identify Nooz, the name of our brand which still stands today... Then we added “Optics” to clarify the nature of our products and the brand's value proposition.

After the name, the logo of the Nooz brand

It’s not only about having a good name: we also needed a logo to match the name of Nooz.

Nooz is a dynamic, monosyllabic word, which is quick to read and pronounce. Therefore, it only seemed logical to come up with a simple and effective logo, like the spirit of our Nooz Original.

The chosen logo for the brand is all the more original due to the round typography. This isn’t a coincidence, it precisely highlights the values and philosophy of Nooz. When we created the logo, we wanted to keep it simple and sober so that we didn’t "shut ourselves” in the universe of the binocles and manage to develop other ideas later on, which came around rather quickly….

Nooz, the optical innovation of 2015 right until today

True to its motto, Nooz now develops visionary optical tools to simplify the sight of its fans, on a larger scale and regardless of the planned adjustment.

Precision, uniqueness and style remain the key words and the range is gradually expanding: binocles and reading glasses, sunglasses, anti-blue light...even the signature Nooz Original binocle has developed over time.

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