Why I decided to use anti-blue light glasses ?

4 min read | 07/05/2021

Find out why I took on anti-blue light glasses.

Why I decided to use anti-blue light glasses, during the lockdown?

Working, taking online classes, talking with loved ones, catching up with the news, watching movies and other activities take place in front of a screen. They are now an integral part of our daily lives. After the many lockdowns, this prevalence has become even more important for most of us. Many people remain in front of their screens all day long. 

This excessive exposure leads to certain disorders in our body. To protect myself and take care of my eyesight, I opted for anti-blue light glasses. I am going to explain how blue light impacts our health and how to protect ourselves, in this article.

What is blue light?

To begin with, blue light covers part of the spectrum that can be seen by human eyes, and its wavelengths range from 380 to 450 nanometers. There is the turquoise blue light that comes from daylight; it occupies an important role in the regulation of our circadian rhythm: the awake/ sleep cycle. Unlike this, there is also the blue-violet light which is emitted by artificial light sources (LED lamps) and digital devices (LED-LCD TV, smartphone, computer, tablets). This takes aggressive action on the functioning of our body.

Effects observed after prolonged exposure to screens without wearing glasses

Blue light is present in the natural light emitted by the sun as well as all the LED lighting that equips our screens. Blue light is therefore omnipresent in our daily lives, at work, in our leisure time and elsewhere. The evidence of its danger is accumulating over the years.

Disturbed sleep

After having spent a long day at work, our only desire is to relax. This is when it’s time to turn on the TV or even sit on the sofa and grab your laptop or smartphone. That's not it, there is also a time when you go to bed with the lights off and the phones on.

Blue light is unique because it is present almost everywhere. Unfortunately, it shakes up the hormone which is responsible for our sleep: melatonin. Instead of going to bed, we prefer spending hours in front of the screens. This source is bad for melatonin, because it picks up the light, as if it were daylight and prevents the body from sleeping.

If this situation repeats itself for 3 excessive days, the duration and quality of sleep change. Insomnia, difficulty falling asleep, chronic sleep deprivation or even frequent waking up at night could take place. I myself have experienced this phenomenon after overexposure to screens overnight. This is one of the reasons I have taken on anti-blue light glasses.

Visual fatigue: blurry vision and tingling in the eyes

« It's no secret that blue light impacts our vision by damaging the retina of the eye, ”says Dr. Ajith Karunarathne. This explains why the blue light emitted by digital devices affects the retina and can cause damage to retinal cells. It weakens the sight’s quality rate by blurring the vision from one moment to the other.

Therefore, prolonged exposure to screens promotes eye fatigue. When our eyes are tired, we have a slight tingling sensation in our eyes, a sign of dry eyes. And the urge to rub your eyes is also a bad signal for our visual health, you may experience a headache at the same time. This is one of the reasons that has encouraged me to wear anti-blue light glasses every time I use the screen or even all the time, for that matter.

The advantages of anti-blue light glasses

Now that I know that blue light is a factor for pathological changes in humans, it is essential to protect oneself against this. To mitigate the harmful effects of this light, wearing glasses is the first solution to take on. Here are the reasons:

  • They reduce the effect of blue radiation towards the eyes;

  • They bring relief to the eyes while in front of the screens;

  • They filter 40% of blue light;

  • The lenses provide visual comfort;

  • It favors quality of sleep;

  • They reduce the harmful effects of the blue light ray;

  • They help relieve headaches 

Since they are designed to protect our eyes and minimize risks to our health, wearing these glasses with anti-blue light lenses is really helpful if we spend a lot of time in front of screens.

This testimony aims to explain that the harmful effects of blue light are genuinely justified and wearing glasses against this harmful light is extremely necessary, especially after the lockdown periods. Hopefully all of these explanations would have helped you, now it's your turn to opt for anti-blue light glasses. Do not hesitate to browse through the range of Nooz Optics, you will find many models there. 

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