Anti Blue Light lenses

4 min read | 12/11/2020

Why choose anti-blue light lenses from Nooz ?

Today there are many resellers of anti-blue light lenses. It is also often difficult to choose from the many brands and models that are offered on the market. Focus on Nooz glasses and their specifics.

Anti-blue light lenses

Anti-blue light lenses are special lenses that filter screen light. This light is harmful to the retina because of its wavelength, we will tell you more about this here (link to the article). Anti-blue light lenses are specially designed to reduce the impact of screens on our eyes by using UV rays and filtering out some of the blue light.

To do so, we adjust a light colored filter that compensates the screen for light. This type of lens has the same effect against blue light as the sunglasses against UV rays. We protect our eyes from the sun with sunglasses and we should also protect our eyes from blue light with appropriate lenses, especially if we spend a lot of time in front of screens. (specialists believe that half an hour of exposure a day is already harmful to the retina: in short, everyone must protect themselves against it).

Just like sunglasses, anti-blue light glasses are of lesser or better quality, depending on the manufacturer. It is therefore important to search carefully before purchasing them. It is not the intention that the glasses cause more trouble than benefit, with glasses that do not protect the retina of the wearer. The risk is that vision could be irreversibly damaged.

Nooz produces glasses with optimal protection

It is important to purchase glasses with lenses that filter the blue light well and from a manufacturer that can offer guarantees. Nooz Optics produces lenses that filter the light wavelength of 420 nanometers by 40%, which is almost half the harmful rays of the blue light. The Nooz lens technology is specially designed to focus on the wavelength of 420 nanometers, which is the most dangerous for vision. The wavelength of blue light is between 380 and 500 nanometers, with 420 being the perfect medium against the illumination that screens produce.

The Nooz anti-blue light lenses are specially designed to filter out almost half of the most dangerous light rays generated by screens. Although there is currently no ideal solution to overcome this problem, which is becoming a public health problem, anti-blue light lenses are the best existing guarantee against premature retinal damage to date. Nooz lenses have the specificity of offering this high filtering power and are currently one of the most powerful on the optical market.

Finally, we also know that blue light, with a wavelength of about 380-500 nanometers, is also responsible for visual discomfort, severe headaches, difficulty concentrating and making falling asleep difficult (link to the other article). However, the filtering power of lenses against blue light halves the harmful effects associated with the use of screens.

Lightly tinted anti-blue light lenses

The blue light filter is in principle invisible. However, depending on certain lighting conditions, one can see the shine on the glasses. This is a yellow tinted glass which unfortunately does not give a very nice effect. This is exactly the second oddity of the Nooz glasses. The lenses are very slightly tinted compared to the offer on the market. This design avoids the "convertible sunglasses" effect often associated with lenses specifically intended for display protection, and this is an important argument of the brand.

Finally, to make its lenses unique, Nooz Optics also provided them with an anti-reflective coating, which is usually not available with a blue light treatment. Nooz has also designed super light cases (weighing only 17 grams) that do not touch the lenses and ensure that you don't have to clean your glasses every time, which is often a tedious job.

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