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Eye Test

1. Print out this test

In order to limit measurement errors, it is preferable to carry out this test on a blank A4 sheet of paper, and not on a computer, tablet or smartphone, which can distort the size of the characters.

2. Place the sheet 14 inches from your face.

By placing the test 14 inches from your face, equivalent to the average length of a forearm, you will be able to perform the diopter test optimally.

3. Read the text without glasses or contact lenses.

Of course, be sure to remove any vision devices such as glasses or lenses to get a fair measure of the correction your eyes need.

4. Determine the correction you need.

Once you are comfortable, perform the diopter test by reading each line from top to bottom. If you can't read a line, refer to the number to the left of the line: This is the correction you need.

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