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Mid-distance glasses: a revolution for presbyopes.

How many of you find yourselves in this frustrating daily routine: taking off your glasses as soon as you look up, sliding them to the end of your nose to get a better view of your screen, taking them off to chat with someone in front of you? And how often do you end up forgetting or losing them after putting them down in one place or another?

To solve this problem, we've developed a solution to make your life easier: our brand-new mid-distance glasses.

3 in 1 reading glasses

Our new glasses don't just offer optimal vision for up-close reading, they're truly versatile, covering all distances up to 3 meters.

A real revolution for your daily life, offering you greater comfort and allowing you to switch from one task to another without interruption.

Whether you're reading a document, working on a screen, cooking or attending a meeting, they ensure a smooth, effortless visual transition. Say goodbye to the hassle of switching between different pairs of glasses for each activity, our glasses offer unprecedented comfort and practicality.

How does it work exactly?

Unlike standard lenses, which offer a fixed correction over their entire surface, our lenses benefit from a correction that subtly evolves from bottom to top. This carefully calibrated gradation ensures visual clarity at distances of up to 3 meters.

In practice, this means that the lower part of the lens is optimized for reading and other close-up tasks, while the correction gradually decreases as the eyes are lifted, perfectly adapting to activities requiring mid-distance focusing.

By removing the need to constantly switch between different pairs of glasses, this technology reduces the eyestrain associated with constant vision adjustments. So you can enjoy long-lasting visual comfort, whatever tasks you undertake.

What's the difference between our multi-distance glasses and progressive glasses?

The main difference between our mid-distance glasses and progressive or degressive glasses lies in their specific conception and functionality.

Progressive glasses are designed to offer visual correction at all distances, with a progression with no visible line between the different correction zones. They are often chosen by presbyopes who also need correction for long-distance vision.

Degressive glasses offer mainly near and intermediate vision correction, with a gradual decrease in correction power from the bottom to the top of the lens. They are ideal for activities in enclosed spaces, such as work on a computer.

Our mid-distance glasses are characterized by their unique focus on optimizing vision from 60 centimetres to 3 metres. This specificity offers an "all-in-one" solution for a wide range of daily activities, such as: reading, using computers, everyday activities... Unlike progressive glasses, which may require a period of adaptation to get used to the different correction zones, mid-distance glasses are immediately comfortable and intuitive to use.

A companion for your everyday life

In addition to their practicality, our mid-distance glasses also combine comfort and style.

Designed to be exceptionally lightweight, they ensure a pleasant wearing experience all day long, without the slightest sensation of heaviness or discomfort. This lightness means you can concentrate on your daily tasks without distraction.

Conceived to be always at hand, they come in a case that slips into any bag or pocket. No more worries about losing or forgetting them!

Available in your two favorite shapes, Cruz and Bao, and in a variety of colors, they offer a variety of choices to suit all tastes and styles.

Nooz Optics' mid-distance glasses meet the changing needs of spectacle wearers. Focusing on targeted vision enhancement for distances up to 3 meters, they are an innovative alternative to progressive and degressive glasses.

A simple, effective solution for your everyday life, without the complications or adjustments required. Welcome to a new era of visual comfort!

The Good Nooz you've been waiting for!

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