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Polarized sunglasses

If we had to summarize the 7 benefits of wearing polarized sunglasses, we would say that they :

  • effectively and permanently protect our eyes from light reflection

  • cancel or greatly reduce the destabilizing effects of the sun's reflected rays and ultraviolet rays (UV).

  • eliminate the uncomfortable effect of glare.

  • improve visual comfort even in direct sunlight

  • make colors sharper and reinforce contrasts

  • limit visual fatigue

  • greatly facilitates vision in case of reverberation

In order to offer you all these benefits and more, all Nooz sunglasses lenses are polarized*. We do not joke with your sight, the protection of your eyes and your visual comfort.

Our lenses are polarized category 3 and filter 100% of UV rays, while fighting against glare in all circumstances.

The Good Nooz you've been waiting for!

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