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Reading glasses dedicated to presbyopes (man or woman). Fine, comfortable and light, for your daily life.

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Blurred vision, need to stretch out your arms to see clearly, difficulty reading in the dark... There is no doubt that presbyopia has something to do with it.

But don't worry: presbyopia affects more than 40% of the world's population and is a natural evolution of vision that affects everyone, especially after the age of 40. Difficulty in seeing up close and especially in reading is very symptomatic of presbyopia. So what exactly is it and what solutions are available to help you regain normal near vision?

Presbyopia is above all an unavoidable process: the aging of the lens. When we talk about presbyopia, we are talking more specifically about the loss of accommodation, the adjustment between distance and near vision, which results in a less sharp image than normal.

In concrete terms, the lens loses some of its elasticity and its ability to accommodate with age, preventing the eye from restoring a clear image. It is as if the lens of your binoculars or camera was seized: the adaptation (the "focus") can no longer be done correctly.

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