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12 grams



Polarized sunglasses. Unisex square shape.

Color - Black
A lightweight frame on the nose. A case that fits anywhere, a high-quality design, ultra-practical on a daily basis. A very simple solution that changes everything.
  • 12 grams only.
  • Ultra-rigid case of 17 millimeters thick.
  • Heavy-duty screwless design.
  • Polarized lenses 100% UV category 3.
Swiss TR90 frame rated the best optical nylon in the world offering both flexibility and lightness.
Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.
For 30 days

Why you'll love it

12 grams
So light
A super-slim case
Always with you
Designed to last
Nothing beats Dino's classic strong look with its sharp corners and square lines.

Quick facts

A concentration of technology
Say hello to eyewear from the future. Designed in France, Nooz brings together the very best in optics. State-of-the-art materials, incredible finesse, outstanding design. All at an affordable price.
The Nooz case: our trademark.
Since our beginnings, our desire has been to offer you a case that is practical, solid, but above all, thin enough to fit everywhere. A revolution for your glasses to be safe.

The Good Nooz you've been waiting for!

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