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Children's sunglasses9

100% UV3 polarized sunglasses for our kids' eyes! A screwless, ultra-robust design designed to last.

Sunglasses for kids

Adapted directly from our adult Suns collection, our KIDZ range offers sunglasses for children from 3 years old, for boys and girls.

Your children will be able to wear stylish and comfortable sunglasses that protect them from the sun.

Indeed, in addition to offering trendy frames, we ensure optimal protection with our highly protective 100% polarized category 3 lenses.

Our frames are perfectly adapted to your children's faces to offer them the best possible comfort. They are also ultra-flexible to avoid breakage when your children play, sit or walk on them.

Finally, we've taken care to offer cool models to ensure the best possible style for both kids and adults.

The Good Nooz you've been waiting for!

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